Welcome to Bibelot Games!

Purveyors of fine games and accessories, crafted by master artisans.

Vanguard Meeples

Solid metal meeples to bring real gravitas to your games.

Now available in our leather pouch games (and in bulk!)

Built From The Best

Forget about cardboard and plastic,
our games are built from real materials like Leather, Stone, and Wood.

Old World Style, New Age Tech

We combine the quality and care of artisans with the precision of LASERs to bring you the very best.

Redefining Portable

By using the most durable materials in the most innovative formats,
we make games that can keep up with your lifestyle.

Classic Games with Rustic Style

We've rebuilt your favorite games into rugged companions that look and feel better than ever.

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Check out all the crazy fun purely scientific things we've done to test our stuff.


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"Awesome!! Thank you so much!"


"...I just wanted to let you know that I received your packages in the mail today. THESE LOOK AMAZING. ... I think that these are now the nicest games in my collection, and we plan on putting them on display in the living room. Thanks so much!"


"The package arrived in perfect quality, it was very fast, no problems with customs, a 100% success :)"


"The collection is everything I had hoped. The stones feel solid and cool to the touch. The leather is soft and flexible (and smells fantastic!). The wood has that satisfying "clack" when shaken in the open fist."


"I received the two games I signed up for and they are superb! I think they came out looking better than even the videos suggested. The quality is good enough that these may just outlast me. My thanks!"


"Just received my Game Pieces. They are gorgeous! I can't wait to try them out with everything."


"Wow! I am totally overwhelmed to the point of tears of joy :_D"


"ohmygods. Just received Brandubh and a pieces set in the mail. THESE. ARE. GORGEOUS. Even better than they look in the pictures and videos. I cannot wait to break these out - due to the durability and authenticity of the games, these will be equally awesome whether deployed to Afghanistan or at the Pennsic Wars. I applaud you folks, and I hope you keep awesomeness like this coming. I seriously can't lay it on thick enough."


"Our package arrived today!!!! Everything is beautiful. I love touching the marble and wood and leather. Congratulations on a successful first Kickstarter! And thank you for all of your hard work and dedication - it shows! :-)"