All About Bibelot


[bib-loh] (sounds like merlot)

Noun: A small object of curiosity, beauty or rarity.

Bibelot is an old French word:
  • related to  beubelet "trinket, jewel",
  • from belbel "plaything," and/or
  • a reduplication of bel "pretty."


Bibelot Games is an independent game company located just outside of Phoenix, AZ. Founded in 2013 by Shea Looijen and Kristi Uhles, our continuing mission is to bring luxury and gravitas to your gaming experience.



We call ourselves an independent company for many reasons. The most obvious is our lack of affiliation with other (big brand) game companies. Not as apparent, but just as important, are the other ways we express our independence.


We do almost everything in-house

From building our website to manufacturing our games; from graphic design to bulk content - 90% or more of who we are and what we offer is made by us.

By being self-reliant, we are better able to keep our timing commitments and make our deadlines. We have a greater degree of control over our manufacturing and as such we are able to exercise better quality control and adapt our processes to changing demands.

Building games outside the assembly line also allows us to avoid minimum print runs and bring luxury games to small niches, an opportunity that many other companies just can't afford.


We're the boss

We don't have boards, committees, or administrators. We have the distinct privilege and freedom to do what we say and say what we mean. We don't have to focus on stock prices, shareholder dividends, or pleasing a board of directors. We get to focus on creating great games, regardless of profitability.

Being the boss allows us to take risks, experiment with new designs, and break away from the standard assumptions about what makes a board game. This gives us the freedom to use leather instead of cardboard, marble instead of plastic, and cherry or walnut instead of balsa wood.