Wood Cards


Our Hardwood Playing Cards are created from real hardwood veneers, which feature 3 layers: a unique hardwood (the non-etched card backs), a center acrylic core, and Okoumé hardwood (the etched card fronts).

The grains of the two woods run perpendicular to each other, giving the cards a superior level of strength and flexibility while using a very limited amount of material.

Each card measures 2.5" wide x 3.5" tall and showcases the natural beauty and variations of real wood - something you can't get from a printed "wood-grain" pattern! The card fronts are laser etched, adding depth and tactile bliss, while the backs are left blank to showcase the unique patterns, markings, and coloration of each card. A natural sealer is used to protect the finished cards, and they are treated with a lavender-enhanced mineral oil to create a truly luxurious sensory indulgence.