Leather Pouches

To open a pouch:

  • pull on the bottom knot of the drawstring cord
  • unwrap the excess cord from the pouch
  • grab the leather edge on opposites sides
  • pull apart and smooth flat.

To close a pouch:

  • move the game pieces into the center of the pouch
  • fold the pouch in half
  • pull on the drawstring cord
  • grab the pouch above or below the lacing holes
  • wrap the excess cord tightly around the lacing holes
  • tuck the top knot under the wrapped cord
Wood Cards

To shuffle the cards:

  • warm up the cards with your hands first
  • shuffle about half the deck at a time

To remove the cards from the case:

  • open the top flap
  • push up on the bottom of the case
  • pull out the exposed cards

To replace the cards in the case

  • place 1/2 of the deck in the pouch
  • hold some cards against the front of the case, and some against the back
  • insert the remaining cards in the newly created gap and carefully wiggle them into place