Our leather products are built from hand-selected top-grade hides. Each component is then precision laser cut and the parts are hand assembled by master artisans to ensure the detail and quality you demand.


Suede Game Boards
Our game boards are all created from extremely soft and supple suede leather. This leather is highly durable, highly flexible, and is just the right thickness to be both sturdy and floppy. The suede finish makes the boards delightful to touch, and also offers a significant benefit to game play - the pieces resist sliding on the slightly fuzzy surface!
The game boards and design elements are laser etched into the surface of the leather, a process that actually removes material. This means that the game boards will not fade, wash off, or peel away. The etching process removes the top few layers of suede, revealing the interior of the material. The etchings are not dyed or altered; the color difference is innate to the material which increases the longevity significantly. The game boards are etched to a depth that creates a high level of contrast and also ensures that years of pieces rubbing and sliding across the board will not wear away the pattern. While intricate details might appear blurry after years of play, the chunky game board will remain steadfast.
The leather is laser cut into a rough-edged circle, approximately 11 inches in diameter (a circumference of over 34 inches!), with small holes cut about 1" inside the edge. The satin drawstring cord is laced through these holes and tied together with two knots. A closed pouch is quite small - approximately 3" x 3" x 4".
Card Cases
Our hardwood card decks come with a real leather “tuck box” that is soft and supple. The cases are laser etched and feature visually appealing grommets, magnetic snaps, and a super handy belt-loop.
Dice Bags
Our genuine leather dice bags are made from the same supple leather as our card cases. They are grommeted partially closed to prevent spillage and provide a natural path for the drawstring.