Our metal game parts and accessories are built to give you the satisfying heft and sound that cardboard games are missing!


AnoDisks are designer game tokens made from solid aluminum. They measure 3/4" across, making them the perfect fit for the vast majority of collectible card games, board games, miniatures games, and print and play games.
They're extremely durable, and look, sound, and feel amazing! We even make them dry-erase friendly, so you can customize your tokens for any situation, and clean up is easy.
AnoDisks are super easy to pick up and move around, thanks to their flat cut sides. The natural silver color of the edges helps to bring out the beauty of the LASER-etched symbols and lets them sparkle from across the room!
AnoDisks are available in Blue, Red, Green, Black, Orange, and Pink. We use the anodizing process to make sure the color will not fade, chip, or flake, and our LASER etches into the disks, leaving a permanent mark that will not fade away or rub off!
Vanguard Meeples
Vanguard Meeples are the ultimate game pieces. Constructed from solid metal, and plated in 5 distinct finishes, they can easily replace ordinary pawns, meeples, or tokens in your favorite board games!
Vanguard Meeples have over eight times the mass of standard meeples, weighing in at an impressive 10.5 grams each. The metallic plating is extremely durable, and has an amazing luster and feel.
Each Vanguard Meeple is custom molded and goes through a rigorous series of quality control checks to eliminate the irregularities and mis-cuts that are so common in cheap wooden pawns and plastic tokens.


You can get yours first through our IndieGoGo campaign, running now!