Our wood components are crafted from a variety of hardwoods, which we laser cut and etch to create a vast array of cards, game pieces, and accessories.


Card Decks
Our Hardwood Playing Cards are created from real hardwood veneers, which feature 3 layers: a unique hardwood (the non-etched card backs), a center acrylic core, and Okoumé hardwood (the etched card fronts).
The grains of the two woods run perpendicular to each other, giving the cards a superior level of strength and flexibility while using a very limited amount of material.
Each card measures 2.5" wide x 3.5" tall and showcases the natural beauty of real wood, imperfections and all - something you can't get from a printed "wood-grain" pattern! The card fronts are laser etched, adding depth and tactile bliss, while the backs are left blank to showcase the unique patterns, markings, and coloration of each card. A clear wood sealer is used to protect the finished cards, and they are treated with a lavender-enhanced mineral oil to create a truly luxurious sensory indulgence.


The faces of the cards are made from Okoumé (Aucoumea klaineana) a species of tropical hardwood native to Africa. Never heard of it? We hadn't either before trying to make Hardwood Playing Cards! Since then, we have learned that Okoumé is most popularly used for airplanes and boats due to its flexibility and light weight. It's also a common luxury wood, and you might even have some in your home! Guitars, cigar boxes, jewelry boxes, cabinetry, moldings and trim, and fine furniture often feature this beautiful species of hardwood. Okoumé features a pale coloring with mild figuring, and has a low hardness rating, making it a fantastic choice for producing crisp laser etchings.
The backs of our decks are created with American Cherry, and our luxury decks feature Brazillian Rosewood
Lots (binary dice)
Lots are 2-sided (binary) dice.
The lots used in our classic games are laser made from solid Cherry hardwood and sealed using a clear finish to keep them safe for years of game play.
The lots are specially shaped to mimic those originally used in these games hundreds or thousands of years ago, but shrunk to a convenient travel size for our pouches: ~ 1.0" long by 0.2" thick
The 2 sides (2 possible outcomes) and are easy to identify both by shape and color. All of the rules for these games use the terms "marked" or "unmarked" as the differentiating factor: Marked: Flat and dark / Unmarked: Rounded and light
6-sided Dice
Our solid wood dice are carved from high quality hardwoods like Beech and Maple, that have been harvested from sustainable forests in the heart of Germany.
The clear sealer and tinted paints are water-based and use natural pigments.
They measure 16mm in all three dimensions and have rounded corners for an amazing feel.