Leather Dice Bag - Small

$19 each

Currently Unavailable
  • Small dice pouch holds ~8 dice (1 standard set plus a couple extras)


  • Made from soft and supple genuine leather, and LASER etched with your favorite design

  • Pebbled texture on the outside to protect your dice, soft suede interior to prevent marks

  • Hand-made in the USA using LASER technology and natural materials

  • Real leather ensures that no two dice bags are identical

  • Includes a leather dice bag, satin drawstring, and cord lock

Leather dice bags are crafted from genuine leather and feature metal grommets to keep them in the perfect shape. They open wide enough to grant you easy access, but not so wide that you'll risk a spill. The pouches are laced with a satin drawstring, and a handy cord lock keeps everything secure while you're on the move! The small dice bag has enough room to comfortably hold 1 standard set of role-playing dice, plus a couple extras so you can pack your lucky ones too!

Each pouch is LASER etched with your favorite icon, and finished with our signature blend of conditioning oil. The pebbled texture on the exterior provides protection, while the suede interior helps prevent blemishes to keep your dice looking their best!

The natural materials make these dice bags stand out and are sure to be noticed. The patterns and imperfections that nature has left on each pouch adds beauty and authenticity and also ensures that each one is unique.