Vanguard Meeples - Small Boxed Set

$99 each

Get your game night off to the right start with this travel-friendly boxed set of 40 metal Vanguard meeples!

This set contains 8 meeples of each finish snugly packaged in a LASER cut and etched foam insert perfectly fitted to the small 8" x 5", Gamer Vaultz® case.

The Gamer Vaultz® case is perfect for all of your gaming needs, featuring a keyed lock, mesh pouches inside the lid for extra storage, a pen loop, and a clipboard on the front for score cards and notes!

  • Brilliant: Real metal has a shine and luster that plastic or painted wood simply can't match! The sparkling finish of Vanguard Meeples is breathtaking!
  • Gravitas: The heft and dignity of Vanguard Meeples is unmistakable, making them natural leaders for your armies!
  • Sized to Fit: The hardest part about upgrading your games is ensuring that the pieces are the right size. We've tackled that challenge for you by creating Vanguard Meeples in the most common size used in games!
  • Unmatched Durability: Metal has many benefits over wood, plastic, and polymer - not the least of which is its durability. With these pieces, you can play in the wind, rain, snow, sun, or at a pub, without fear of damage! 
  • How Handy: Best of all, Vanguard Meeples are built with a functional "hand"! This allows you to customize your games in ways never before possible! Whether you want a flag-bearer, wizard's staff, or just more factions, this hand makes it easy to expand your force to fit your needs!

Vanguard Meeples are the ultimate game pieces. Constructed from solid metal, and plated in 5 distinct metallic finishes, Vanguard Meeples can easily replace the ordinary pawns, meeples, or tokens to create in your favorite board games!

Vanguard Meeples have over twice the mass of standard meeples, weighing in at an impressive 10.5 grams each, and the metallic plating is extremely durable, easy to clean, and has an amazing luster that pictures just can't capture.

Each Vanguard Meeple is custom molded and goes through a rigorous series of quality control checks to eliminate the irregularities and mis-cuts that are so common in cheap wooden pawns and plastic tokens.


  • Height: .625"
  • Width: .625"
  • Thickness: .375"
  • Weight: 10.5g
  • Hand Size: .040"


  • Solar: Shiny Golden
  • Lunar: Shiny Slivered
  • Eclipse: Shiny Black
  • Dawn: Aged Brassy Yellow
  • Dusk: Aged Coppery Red