The Outlaws

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  •  A casual card game for 1-4 players that takes about 30 minutes to play
  • Part of the COGgs family of games
  • Supports solo-play
  • LASER etched anodized aluminum tokens
  • Includes: 1 deck of cards, 1 rulebook, 4 dice, 80 tokens, and a bookshelf-friendly case

The Outlaws is a light and fast card game where you get to lead a posse of bandits in the American Wild West. The meanest cowboys and most daring heists are all up for grabs in this fight to be the baddest outlaw in town.

The core rules for The Outlaws were built with simplicity in mind, giving the game a fantastically stable platform that's fun, easy to learn, and fast-paced. The whole thing takes about half an hour and you can add expansions to the game that increase the complexity to suit your taste!

Set-Up: Build the town (by dealing 6 communal stacks of cards), and give everyone some Loot!

On Your Turn: Hire a Character (by paying Loot), Do a Job (by sending characters to get you some Loot and Rep), or Report a Tip (to get some no-risk Loot)

Winning: When the cards run out, the player with the most Rep (reputation) wins the game!

Watch the full(ish) game play in the video below!

Goin' Big: Add multiple games together to support more players (each deck supports up to 4 people, and adds about 30 minutes. There's no limit to the number of decks you can add!)

Goin' Solo: Face-off against The Sheriff. We built the solo game to be tough as nails, so you'd better come ready for a fight!

Goin' Tactical: If you got yer thinkin' cap on and want something more strategic, just shuffle in the Expansion Deck, or use the expansion dice (sold separately)! This gives you more choices, direct player interaction, special abilities, and more!

That covers the basics. For all the details you can download the rulebook below!

Like all things Bibelot, The Outlaws is stuffed full of high-end components and features a brand new packaging design. The bookshelf-friendly case is secure and durable. It fits on the shelf right next to your movies, video games, or books; so you don't have to hide your game in the closet!

The Outlaws includes:

  • (1) bookshelf-friendly plastic case, with a precision-cut foam insert
  • (1) full color 21 page saddle stitched rulebook
  • (16) red anodized aluminum Hit tokens (LASER etched)
  • (32) green anodized aluminum Loot tokens (LASER etched)
  • (32) blue anodized aluminum Rep tokens (LASER etched)
  • (1) clear token tube, perfectly sized to store all of your pieces.
  • (1) 54 card deck, printed on 300 gsm blue-core playing card stock
  • (4) L.A.S.E.R. etched Beech wood dice

The Outlaws comes in familiar packaging that is right at home next to the ubiquitous DVD cases you already have. Opening the case reveals precision-cut foam insert that gently holds all the pieces in their place. The custom dice are made from wood and each has its own unique coloring and grain. The deck of cards is printed on real playing card stock. The anodized aluminum tokens are secured in a fitted clear tube.


The C.O.G. game system (COGgs) was developed to provide a core rule set that addresses the basic premise of any game: overcoming adversity. Rather than rewriting and re-learning the rules every time you want a change of scenery, COGgs lets you play the game you love with the characters you want! With game-play that stays engaging time after time and a pace that’s fast enough to keep things moving, but not so fast that you can’t plan ahead, COGgs appeals to casual and hardcore gamers alike! The hidden beauty of the system is that it allows you to combine any games that use COGgs for a truly unique session. Just look for the logo and mix away to create your own genre! The C.O.G. game system also includes a series of expansions for each of the base games. These small packs let you add more layers of complexity to your favorite games, without overwhelming you with pages of additional rules to remember (or teach).

Using the C.O.G. game system is simple: Start by looking for the logo on the package, or the backs of the cards. If it’s there, you’re good to go! To blend genres, just shuffle together as many base games as you want and start playing. No special rules or caveats! Each deck supports up to four players, so the more you mix things up, the more friends you can entertain! To add a little more flavor to your favorite COGgs game (or blend), just shuffle in one of the expansions. It doesn't even have to be from the same theme! Each expansion adds a little complexity; but don’t worry, it’s nothing you can’t handle. When you’re done, your decks and expansions can be easily sorted back into their original cases thanks to the unique patterns and colors on the card backs!

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