Fully Loaded Expansion

$39 each

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  •  More cards, dice, and tokens to make your game of The Outlaws even more epic!
  • Three new card types and four new dice
  • LASER etched anodized aluminum tokens
  • Includes: 1 deck of cards, 1 rulebook, 4 dice, 80 tokens, and a bookshelf-friendly case

The Outlaws: Fully Loaded Expansion Set lets you expand your game to support up to eight players and adds a variety of game-changing tactics:

  •  Legends: Add real outlaws from the history books and the jobs that made them famous. Each with a unique special ability!
  • General Store: Outfit your posse with awesome gear and keep them bringing in the cash with boring day jobs!
  • Newspaper: Mix things up with special events that can influence the whole town!
  • Expansion Dice: Change the odds on every job by picking which color-coded dice to roll!

How To Use: Just shuffle in the expansions you want to use, and deal the town normally! If you're going to allow the use of expansion dice, place them on the table with the others.

Like all things Bibelot, The Outlaws: Fully Loaded Expansion Set is stuffed full of high-end components and features a brand new packaging design. The bookshelf-friendly case is secure and durable. It fits on the shelf right next to your movies, video games, or books; so you don't have to hide your game in the closet!

The Outlaws: Fully Loaded Expansion Set includes:

  • (1) bookshelf-friendly plastic case, with a precision-cut foam insert
  • (1) full color 21 page saddle stitched rulebook
  • (16) red anodized aluminum Hit tokens (LASER etched)
  • (32) green anodized aluminum Loot tokens (LASER etched)
  • (32) blue anodized aluminum Rep tokens (LASER etched)
  • (1) clear token tube, perfectly sized to store all of your pieces.
  • (1) 54 card deck, printed on 300 gsm blue-core playing card stock
  • (4) L.A.S.E.R. etched Beech wood dice

The Outlaws: Fully Loaded Expansion Set comes in familiar packaging that is right at home next to the ubiquitous DVD cases you already have. Opening the case reveals precision-cut foam insert that gently holds all the pieces in their place. The custom dice are made from wood and each has its own unique coloring and grain. The deck of cards is printed on real playing card stock. The anodized aluminum tokens are secured in a fitted clear tube.