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30 Minutes

OVERVIEW: Why walk like an Egyptian when you can play like one?! Taken straight out of Egypt's alluring history, Seega is a challenging, multi-stage game for two. The strategy starts long before you move as you place your pieces on the deceptively simple looking board. Planning is crucial if you want to out-maneuver your opponent to get multiple captures with a single move, or to earn a second or third capture on your turn! Be careful not to let an early lead distract your focus! If your opponent cannot move, they get to take one of your pieces, potentially destroying your tactical edge!

ORIGINS: Egypt 2000BCE

AUTHENTICITY: 100% *What we changed: Seega is a well documented game that required no modifications from us!

HISTORY: Seega is a multi-stage, abstract strategy from Ancient Egypt. It is believed to have been played as far back as the 11th Dynasty - 2000 BCE. The rules and game have survived over the centuries with minimal changes. Seega (Siga) started in Egypt and spread with the trade routes through Rome and Greece. One theory holds that Plato credits Seega as the ancestor of Petteia (and Ludus Latrunculorum), Europe's most popular military game during the 1st century CE. In Egypt, Seega was believed to have mystical powers and the end-positions of a game were likely used as divination. It is believed that boards were carved onto roofs to provide the Gods a form of entertainment and to curry favor with them.

Seega is presented in a suede leather pouch that unfolds to reveal a beautifully etched game board and luxury playing pieces. The rule booklet is made of an extremely durable composite paper laced onto the satin drawstring.

This compact take-anywhere / play-anywhere format ensures that your new game will always be accessible. The natural materials make this game stand out and are sure to be noticed. The patterns and imperfections on each piece and board add beauty and authenticity and also ensure that each copy is unique.

  • Durable, Portable, and hand-made in the USA using LASER technology and natural materials
  • Includes an 11" suede leather board with satin drawstring cord, attached rule booklet, and 24 playing pieces of 2 colors
    (colors will vary)