That's A Wrap!

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2, 3, 4
30 Minutes

Exploring a newly discovered tomb is so exciting! The hieroglyphs, the architecture, the sarcophagus... And... and the Mummy! Oh no, no no! Run! A brilliant idea, only foiled by the echoing thud of a dozen stone doors slamming shut! Need some keys. Oh man, keys, keys, keys! Quick!

The game starts off with you and your friends in the central chamber of a massive tomb - with the Mummy you just woke up! Oh no! Roll your dice and move as quick as you can because once he gets his bearings, the Mummy will be after you! You'll need to roll a key to pass through the locks and escape, but the mummy takes part of your rolls making those keys even harder to find!

That's A Wrap is presented in a suede leather pouch that unfolds to reveal a beautifully etched game board and luxury playing pieces. The rule booklet is made of an extremely durable composite paper laced onto the satin drawstring.

This compact take-anywhere / play-anywhere format ensures that your new game will always be accessible. The natural materials make this game stand out and are sure to be noticed. The patterns and imperfections on each piece and board add beauty and authenticity and also ensure that each copy is unique.

  • Durable, Portable, and hand-made in the USA using LASER technology and natural materials
  • Includes an 11" suede leather board with satin drawstring cord, attached rule booklet, 3 wood dice, and 13 playing pieces of 5 colors
    (colors will vary)