The Blockade

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30 Minutes

It’s a classic showdown between the Navy Fleet and the Pirate Flotilla! The Navy ships have set up a blockade across the sea, separating the Pirate ships from their hideout! Sneaking past a navy is no easy task! Even with the wind on your side, you may need to sacrifice a ship to escape with the booty! 

The Blockade is presented in a suede leather pouch that unfolds to reveal a beautifully etched game board and luxury playing pieces. The rule booklet is made of an extremely durable composite paper laced onto the satin drawstring.

This compact take-anywhere / play-anywhere format ensures that your new game will always be accessible. The natural materials make this game stand out and are sure to be noticed. The patterns and imperfections on each piece and board add beauty and authenticity and also ensure that each copy is unique.

  • Durable, Portable, and hand-made in the USA using LASER technology and natural materials
  • Includes an 11" suede leather board with satin drawstring cord, attached rule booklet, and 20 playing pieces of 2 colors
    (colors will vary)