Celtic Rune Set

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Rune sets are used for a multitude of purposes: inspiration, divination, speculation, meditation, affirmation, or just plain decoration.


The Celtic board makes use of a Trinity Knot (a circled triquetra) to represent the element of time. This "Past, Present, Future" board uses the FUThARK runes because the ancient Celts did not invent their own runic language. Instead, they incorporated the Nordic symbols and meanings into their culture.


Using the rune set is easy, just hold all of the runes in your hands above the open board. Release the stones all at once while thinking of a specific question or area of consideration. Remove all the stones that land: face down, on their sides, or off the board. The meanings of the remaining stones, and their placement on the board reveal the information you seek.


HISTORY: Runes were originally an ancient alphabet. The most well-known of these alphabets is the FUThARK, which is named for the first few letters. Back in those days, around 100 CE, words and names were believed to have power. Letters were likewise given special significance. Each character was related to a deity and a meaning. The ability to read and write was rare - in fact the word "Rune" literally meant "secret" or "hidden" thus, runic inscriptions were a type of secret language. FUThARK rune stones have 24 marked stones, plus one blank stone. The meanings surrounding each symbol have become very complex over the years.


It is believed that this alphabet was also used to predict the future by means of "casting". The 24 letters were carved or painted onto small objects which were thrown into the air. The pattern made when they landed: what letters were showing and their location, gave insight into past and future events. Rune Casting Boards were used to gain greater degrees of insight than possible by just drawing a single stone. They were originally drawn on the ground, painted onto parchment, or carved into stone.


The Celtic Rune Set is presented in a suede leather pouch that unfolds to reveal a beautifully etched game board and luxury playing pieces. The rule booklet is made of an extremely durable composite paper laced onto the satin drawstring.

This compact take-anywhere / play-anywhere format ensures that your new game will always be accessible. The natural materials make this game stand out and are sure to be noticed. The patterns and imperfections on each piece and board add beauty and authenticity and also ensure that each copy is unique.

  • Durable, Portable, and hand-made in the USA using LASER technology and natural materials
  • Includes an 11" suede leather board with satin drawstring cord, attached guide booklet, and 25 rune stones
    (colors will vary)