Hardwood Playing Cards - Classic

$149 each

Currently Unavailable
  • Classic suits and graphics, just like you find on standard playing cards

  • LASER etched playing cards made from CHERRY hardwood that you can actually shuffle and play

  • Soft and supple leather carrying case

  • Hand-made in the USA using LASER technology and natural materials

  • Real wood and leather ensures that no cards, decks, or cases are identical

  • Includes 54 wood playing cards and a leather carrying case

Hardwood Playing Cards are created from super thin wood veneers which are built in 3 layers: Laser etched Okoumé hardwood for the faces, cherry hardwood for the backs, and an acrylic core to bond them together.

Each card measures approximately 2.5" wide x 3.5" tall and showcases the natural beauty of real wood, imperfections and all - something you can't get from a printed "wood-grain" pattern! The card fronts are laser etched, adding depth and tactile bliss, while the backs are left blank to showcase the unique patterns, markings, and coloration of each card. They are treated with a 100% natural blend of tung oil and lavender-enhanced mineral oil to protect your cards and create a truly luxurious sensory indulgence.

Hardwood Playing Cards are presented in a genuine leather case that folds open to reveal 54 beautifully etched, real hardwood playing cards. The case is LASER etched with the classic suits (spades, diamonds, clubs, hearts) and features decorative grommets, a magnetic snap and a belt loop.

The natural materials make these cards stand out and are sure to be noticed. The patterns and imperfections that nature has left on each card and case add beauty and authenticity and also ensures that each copy is unique.