Poker Set - Large

$599 each
Card Deck

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  • Poker Set includes a deck of Classic Hardwood Playing Cards - Cherry

  • LASER etched poker chips made from various hardwoods that you can actually use

  • Beautiful wooden box with removable racks to hold the poker chips

  • Hand-made in the USA using LASER technology and natural materials

  • Real wood ensures that no poker chips are identical

  • Includes 400 wood poker chips, 1 deck of hardwood playing cards, and a display box

Hardwood poker chips are created from thin sheets of real hardwoods that are LASER cut and etched, then hand-finished and treated with a lavender-enhanced mineral oil to create a truly luxurious sensory indulgence. Each denomination of poker chip features a corresponding number of edge segments, so you can easily tell them apart.

Each poker chip measures approximately 39mm in diameter and 3mm thick. Each one showcases the natural beauty of real wood, imperfections and all - something you can't get from a printed "wood-grain" pattern! While the poker chips are about the same size as average casino chips, they are considerably lighter.

Piece counts:

  • (100) maple - 1
  • (100) ash - 5
  • (100) oak - 10
  • (50) cherry - 25
  • (50) walnut - 100

Also included is:

  • a full deck of cherry hardwood playing cards with the classic theme
  • a leather carrying case for your new cards with belt loop and magnetic closure
  • a wooden box with removable poker chip trays

The large poker set is presented in a felt-lined wooden box that opens to reveal 400 beautifully etched, solid hardwood poker chips, and a deck of classic hardwood playing cards (with leather case).

The natural materials make this set stand out and are sure to be noticed. The patterns and imperfections that nature has left on each piece adds beauty and authenticity and also ensures that each copy is unique.